About Nina McReed

Nina McReed is a Hayworth Student at Queens University in Charlotte, NC.

Introduction to Nina McReed

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My Poem

Good Afternoon  I say to many, introduce myself I should have plenty. That’s not always the case you see, describing youself is very aggrevating. My name is Nina. I am a native Charlottean to all. I have seven kids, close your mouth,  no twins, just a family that’s abroad.  Each one, hand picked and individually delivered, so dont look at me strange like a person ready to shiver. They all have a nickname for me, its called Pina Butter. I am the proten of the family, a very nuturing mother. When I say nuturing, it just means I work their minds, with “What’s your passion?” “Whats your future goals?” “Whats your plans down the line?”  I’m also great for their bodies, so I challenge them all to find a hobby. I am a healthy part of their education, like protein is everyday. I love to see them strive for greatness, so I teach them how to pray. If you don’t mind, I would like to take the time, to introduce them to you, because if you want to get to know me, they are all my family, my buddies for life, we’re stuck sometimes like glue.

Christina is my oldest daughter, in college doing well. She wants her own salon of fashion, and I hope her dreams excel. Next is my oldest son Kevin, and Nick Jr not far behind. Their goal is to travel the world, by joining the military, the Army Reserves, and yes, I cried and cried.  I sang a tearful song from that choice, silently in my room, but my boys are 6’4, both over 200 pounds, I know they will be fine, they both are well groomed. Next, I have Eva and Hannah, both cheerleaders, both flags for band,  both preparing for college and senior trips. Im so glad they played golf for nine years, and hooking up with full scholarships.

Next is Philip, my little man, he’s next in line from the baby. We call him the businessman of the family sometimes he drives me crazy. He’s like 30 years old in a teenage body, but I guess I love his swag. They all watch me close like security guards, and for that I am very glad. Lastly is my baby boy Caleb, we call him caveman of the court. He lives each day with a lay-up, a dribble, and he has my full support.I guess you can say what I did really did here was introduce my clan, but you see me without expressing them as well, we all walk hand in hand.

In conclusion, as I strive to introduce me, I guess what I really wanted to say, is that I am a family person, who believes in her children and their goals. I love to work with children, as I have done for 15 years between PAL and CMS System. I think that I am a positive role model for kids and I guess that’s why being out of corporate america has been one of the greatest things to happen in my life. I worked for 22 years behind a desk, and now I am behind a desk completing my education . I have a AS degree in Education and plan on graduating with a bachelors in Communication. My goal has always been one of many creative things, and Law School is my next goal.  I have a busy life, but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.


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