Consumer and Community with Bestbuy. Great example – #7

What is the difference between community relations and consumer relations? How has the consumer movement and digital media affected both? What would Habermas  think?

Community focuses on the what the community knows and think about an organization, the point of view, and the being able to negotiate between the organization and the community. It is important that the foundation between the community and organization have stability, pride in the community, participation and the appearance to be well tailored. Its object is to build, whereas the consumer relation is to maintain its stability with longstanding relationships while appealing to new customers, items, services and reducing cost. ( Seitel 2004).

Lets check out Bestbuy :

As a Company, and through our Foundation, we work with nonprofit organizations to support programs that provide access to opportunities for teens through technology. Our goal is to provide positive experiences that will help teens excel in school and develop 21st century skills which will result in richer lives and a better future. We also work to improve the vitality of local communities through our community grants program, employee giving campaign and disaster relief efforts.

When you see a company providing a program that allows employees the opportunity to give, it makes you want to give as well. They are setting the example for the consumer to think of them as not just a company in this only for the business but using its money, time and employees to give someone else a chance. When consumers visually see what is taking place, it lets you think of the CEO , or officiers of the company as people with concerns, morals and values for others, rather than just for themselves. We rethink how we feel about a company the reaches out.

Community relations refers to the various methods companies use to establish and  maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they  operate. The underlying principal of community relations is that when a company  accepts its civic responsibility and takes an active interest in the well-being  of its community, then it gains a number of long-term benefits in terms of  community support, loyalty, and good will. “Community involvement builds public  image and employee morale, and fosters a sense of teamwork  that is essential in long-term success,” Lisa Desatnik noted in Cincinnati  Business Journal.

Read more:

Customer relations is the process by which companies promote customer  satisfaction and, moreover, loyalty. At its most basic, it involves       managing communications with customers, particularly customer questions  and  complaints, and resolving disputes amicably. The ultimate goal of most  customer relations programs is to build long-term  relationships—those in  which the customer keeps buying the product  or service and recommending it  to others—with customers. To meet this goal, companies may go to great  lengths to build a strong reputation  for lavishing their customers with  special services, discounts, gifts, or  other benefits.

Customer relations has become such an important paradigm in modern business that it is common to refer to relations with a company’s       “internal” and “external” customers. The implication here is that  functional units of a large organization, e.g., the management information systems department, are  expected to develop a service-oriented rapport with thepeople inside the  business who require that unit’s assistance. In  this sense customer  relations is linked to stakeholder theory, an  approach to business that emphasizes meeting the needs of all interested  parties in a business relationship, including customers,outside vendors,  shareholders, and others.

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Habermas theory is sometimes confusing  with what he thought was morally wrong and what was right. He would think i believe that there was a hidden agenda to reach out.


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