Public opinion/PR management/ and the role of Digital Media #2

What is the Importance of Public Opinion in Media

The public is what fuels the media’s strength in the world, and without it we’d still be stuck in prehistoric times. It governs the workings of our society and gives way to change, when these opinions are voiced. Learn about what is the importance of public opinion in media and how we influence it every single day.

Media is all about connecting people and mirroring the society that we live in. Media is all about reflecting on daily happenings around the globe. People are not just the audience but also an essential element of news in itself! Be it journalism or entertainment, the increasing importance of public opinion in media is evident everywhere. Well, if you are still unaware of the increasing importance of public opinion in mass media, then just take a look around you.
First of all let us talk about the print media like newspapers and magazines. The newspaper content, which was wholly and solely the product of reporters and journalists in the office, has now gone a radical change into an amalgamation of news and public opinions. The letters to the editor written by the readers are also an instance of acknowledgment of the importance of public opinion. In addition to the readership polls, and questionnaires, there are also columns, which are contributed by the audience themselves – a phenomenon that is now known by the name of citizen journalism.
In case of the World Wide Web or the Internet, the websites were already using the public polls. In addition to that, the rise of blogging and public forums has paved way to increased exposure to individual opinions and has hence strengthened the importance of public opinion on the web as well.
Most public opinions can help or break a companies image, reputation, without a PLAN.
In PR management, they have to know what the public is thinking in order to form an opinion. Its their to counsel, advise and help exhort management to take action. It is the role of the public relations practitioner, once policy is established by management, to communicate these ideas accurately and candidly to the public. Anything less can lead to major problems ( Seitel 2004).
Digital Media role and public opinion? Digital media has a fast way of forming a public opinion within minutes. If its not controlled or handled in a timely manner, what can happen?
yes RIOTS…. What else can happen with Digital influence?
 Marches with Hoodies? yes, Marches for Justice.
Digital media role :  “The power of the media to define what issues are seen as important has to do with the relationship between what the media report and what they don’t. Media influence in sense is subtle but profound. The media can help shape or modify what we know about an issue” (Constructing public opinion). Therefore, when getting information from the media the public should remember that the upper class has control on how the media portrays issues to the public.

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