Discuss the courses which most impacted the development of your writing. How might you use your writing skills in the future?

The courses which impacted me the most in development was Research and Communication Theory. I cant even begin to identify that skills I have developed for my love for writing. In Communication Theory, I was able to understand how the journalist world writes and helps guide us into our decision making on life and things impacting our lives just by choosing the correct words or the correct dialogue. Theory allowed me to help my daughter write her Senior Exit Project using at least 4-5 of the communication theories on how to help reduce high school drop-outs. The Research Theory allowed us the skills set and opportunity to research the data before the final project. This allow her the opportunity to understand communication at a higher level and how communicating  this is so important when writing a paper . This also allowed me to advance my knowledge on a daily basis with news and media coverage.  Research and Theory became my best friend for how to research, analyze and write a paper based on the data. Now I write knowing that what is expressed in my communication is factual as well as relevant to what needs to be shared. From CMS news to the NY Times, I began to watch and observe how political polls research was determined and portrayed to the public. Both classes had a tremendous effect on my writing for essays, writings, and future documentations in any environment.


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