During your college experience, how have you used your presentation skills and how have they improved over time?

During my college experience at Queens University, I have had the opportunity to speak on various occasions at school events as well as on Queens Campus for class presentations. I was the Booster Club president at the school and speaking amongst the parents and teachers for the band only improved my communication skills by being more observant to body languages in the atmosphere. If I was speaking to long, or if what I was speaking on seem to be of boredom, I learned to make the presentation very inclusive with the audience. For classes on campus, the groups are very diverse in culture, but the basically same in age so when presenting I had to use the Uses and Gratification Theory a lot to catch and keep their attention. When they are allowed to participate, ask questions, and respond openly, as well as when they are allowed to laugh, generally that eased me in presenting well here at Queens. The younger crowd likes to see when you can connect on their level and teach them something about becoming better and stronger in the future.

Uses and Gratifications 2012


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