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Discuss the historical foundation of the Communication discipline and how you see the study thereof having practical applications in the world and in your life.

The historical foundation of the Communication discipline has inspired me to understand how important communication is to the society we live in from now to thousands of years ago. Every moment, every blink or smile is a form of communication. Every person who cant see, feel or touch still communicates. Communication has become more important to me not only how I perceive people, but how my demeanor or attention to detail is perceived as well. If we had to read the King James Version of the bible, the communication through parables and miracles were all visually detailed for us to apply to our daily lives. The past, present, and possibly future can all be determined by how we communicate and apply what teaches you. When we say that we are believers of the Gospel, we communicate daily with God on a level and in conversation that n0 one can understand but you. In order to make it come to life, or to become real with the audience, I had to learn how to write an audio script describing how the scene should look without pictures, just words. Today, we do the same thing as parent speaking of our past during the days of Martin Luther King, or even in present time of Trayvon Martin, communicating how we reacted then and how the generations react now, even during biblical times, how the Israelites wandered 40 years because they communicate in unbelief. That meaning and behavior was resulted in a cause and effect that we face with even today. Even speaking a foreign language and rituals from another country or writing how to visually see a marching band without using the video, but only words for a script,  is a foundation for Communication. Also, in conducting research, I had the opportunity to research the Internet and the History of this communication landmine. Understanding the history, and where it began also was a research that most is not even being shared with the kids of our future.A person must understand that how you communicate in life will either reach a person or withdraw a person. We are not perfect in our everyday lives, nor is our communication styles, messages and meanings, but historically, communication hasn’t changed,  the pathway has gotten wider. More words, more meanings, more pictures, and more talking.  Writing on scrolls and drawings on cave walls are now in the past, but even today we interpret their communication to relay to modern media.

The Internet and its History – Nina, Antonio and Brandon


Discuss the courses which most impacted the development of your writing. How might you use your writing skills in the future?

The courses which impacted me the most in development was Research Methods, Family Communication, and Communication Theory.  The skillset I have developed for my love of writing has changed dramatically as well as how I look at people differently by their communication styles. In Communication Theory, I was able to understand how the journalistic mindsets were used to practically help people make decisions even on world affairs. It also allowed me to help my daughter write her Senior Exit Project using at least 5 of the communication theories on how to help reduce the high school drop out rate for low income schools.  Helping her create the visual is what drives the person to put the plan into action. The courses on Family Communication was just as revealing as to how we are now ran by our kids, and not the kids by the parents. Every thing we do concerning our jobs or future decisions surrounds the hobbies, or education choices of our children. Society even depicts what is deems correct communication to our kids and what is not. The Communication Theories intrigued our knowledge as well as how to read the Global News on what was taking place in our country as well as close to home in the community. Communication Research gave me a better understanding on how people assess a certain group of people, or the working class based on the polls and data collected for analyzing and writing research papers. Something as simple as an Audio Script, was quite a bit on what to create the visual effect using the words to visually stimulate what is being pictured. Now I have the pleasure of writing and researching and studying of what and why something is taking place. Research and Theory allowed to observe how to express myself and to consider what is relevant as it applies to my life, and Digital script writing allow me to apply how I would write a skit or play for church. From CMS newsletters to the CMPD bulletins, I remained focused. These classes had a tremendous effect on my writings for future documents for any study in any environment. I believe you can even script out your resume so people can see you, your experience and visualize you as an employee in your place of business. If it can be written, it can be visually effective.

Digital Media- COMM210-Audio Script



During your college experience, how have you used your presentation skills and how have they improved over time?

During my college experience at Queens University, I have had the opportunity to speak on various occasions at school events as well as on Queens Campus for class presentations. I was the Booster Club president at the school and speaking amongst the parents and teachers for the band only improved my communication skills by being more observant to body languages in the atmosphere. If I was speaking to long, or if what I was speaking on seem to be of boredom, I learned to make the presentation very inclusive with the audience. For classes on campus, the groups are very diverse in culture, but the basically same in age so when presenting I had to use the Uses and Gratification Theory a lot to catch and keep their attention. When they are allowed to participate, ask questions, and respond openly, as well as when they are allowed to laugh, generally that eased me in presenting well here at Queens. The younger crowd likes to see when you can connect on their level and teach them something about becoming better and stronger in the future.

Uses and Gratifications 2012

What digital media knowledge and experience were you exposed to during your college experience? How might you use these skills in the future?

The most I learned about digital media was that when looking at the news or a movie, how they line up the persons or things to appear as the same size with the camera. I was able to go out into the country and parks and look at how trees are planted, and how they pair up things around us so that they appear the same, yet are different. The digital media class about the camera, learning how to understand why videos are processed in the manner they are processed even something a small as the hallway of an hotel. If I had the desire to take picture with my family or even consider the prospect of being a photographer, I believe I know enough about media that I can perform the basic skills, but deliver a completely good project for my audience to view. Creating the video was one of my most precious visuals I could have created for my family. Now if I want to present my daughters skills in golf, or my skills in basketball, it challenged me on how to prepare, create, and present.

SAM_1579 SAM_1511 SAM_1571


Discuss your experience in conducting research in Communication. Consider not just the Research Methods course but all courses which included a research component.

I think research is hard. Its not just counting up the number of responses and writing them down on paper. It was time consuming, but when you reach your end result, the possibilities of being accurate are very close. The details in research are appropriate for a specific research. Some you can narrow down to a group of people, then it would be considered wrong. Researching how a group of people wear their clothes, or play sports. Our team had to produce a Consent form before we could even begin our process. It consisted of letting them know that there was no compensation even for the feedback.  There are so many things to look at so the no one of any race, culture or creed is offended. You have to make sure you don’t leave an open space for some one to criticize you to the point of possibly being sued for over stepping your boundaries. Research in communication isn’t just count and go, its a lot so I will provide and example of the consent form that our team had to word politically correct so that we were not offending student athletes at Queens.

Nina McReed – COMM495 Informed Consent

Discuss your experience in your focused courses (Relational, Media, Sports, Organizational, Journalism, Health) within the Communication major. How might the knowledge gained from this group of courses impact you in the future?

My focused course is Organizational. The Public Relations and the Business Writing classes really helped me understand the corporate life as a communicator and what needs to written or spoken. In my Reflection Letter after working in my Communication 202 Level class, I was really considering changing my major. Its not that communication is complicated, its that society complicates it more. I love to write with meaning and create new things my children have to learn. I like being ahead of them which allows me to be that resource for helping them become well rounded individuals. Technology is a must. Communication or communicating with technology is the way of life, but I think working in the Corporate America, doesn’t prepare you for how you are communicated with from a non-exempt to an exempt level. Managers and co-workers within the Organization have a way of sugar-coating what they are trying to say, to politically correct, but at the same time try to make you feel good while you are being released from a place that provide food and shelter for your family. Nowadays, I observe closely in the meetings, who the company is bringing in, where the company is branching off too, if its another state or country. Another way to recognize Organizational Communication and transitions is through media reports as how the company reaches out to other cultures, making you, basically abide by their standards in Business and Public Relations. Now you take all the data, the country, ethics, males and females, and the cost to pay and run the company in another country, they is usually a plan in effect to outsource your job. Now when I go into a job or for a job interview, I look to see how the Organization communicates with its employees. If they have overseas accounts, and if they make sure the culture is diversified even on the management level. All  the research, communication theories, all have played an important role on my steps in life.

reflection letter april 25

How has your global perspective changed through your experience in the Communication major? Refer to specific instances where this was challenged or where you were exposed to new ideas.

Communications Law was a shocker. It was almost like a mystery concerning Time Place and Manner during the Democratic National Convention. It was also notable how the commissaries and reporters can take one picture and add one hundred and one meanings to it, one being the police even during a riot. We even looked at 1st Amendment rights, and when it is necessary. Learning who in social media is an Public Official, All-Purpose Public Figure, to who is a private person was amazing overwhelming to find out how the LAW represents you. Going over cases from the 1940’s to the present explained how the influence of Global Leadership is so strong and encouraged. You have  the right as a person to have Liberty, while the government want to possess power over the people. Now I look at people who are on strike or people who encamp around the Embassy’s, picketing signs, or walks up and down sidewalks in front of Government buildings. The know that change can only come with perseverance. I began to see how much people express hate for a persons color, and not for an act against the law. During the DNC, I was one of the first persons to arrive at the service station before a video went viral. A white man in a truck the governor, a senator, even a manikin of the President hanging on a noose. President Obama isn’t from North Carolina, but I saw how hated he was and even watching Global Nightly News. My challenge was not only what news to watch, but now rather, the stations I wont watch, but I did have the pleasure in writing about one mans struggle to overcome the odds of being successful in a white mans world at the New York Stock Exchange. His journey is one where his organization accepted him, but he had to work harder than many, and longer than most, and be smarter than all. Organization Communication alone is a challenge itself in Corporate America. They must hire who they feel will stand out and lead.  I know challenge myself to pursue the same happiness despite my struggles, bumps and bruises.

nina sociology 1- queens

What are some of the ethical considerations that you are now more aware of as a result of your study of Communication?

When communicating to or with a group of people, you become more aware of who your audience is. In the past people have chosen to speak,dress, or react a certain based on their LACK of knowledge of another groups culture. Even as a child, the way people treated me in school was a form of communication, whether it was good or bad, they made a ethical decision or a choice to be un polite to someone based on their race or religious preference.  Today, I am more aware that there is no more speaking white or Ebonics or slang. We all have a right to speak English without someone classifying a person on group of people due their use of terminology. Even more so, I am more aware of how I communicate with my family. How I communicate with them will result in how the communicate in society. Society will judge them based on their conversation, so I made a decision to always speak truthful and honestly with my family and peers. It is only right that I don’t judge them as well because of their association in school, but I will correct them on their speech, as I would prefer the same. I know as a mom and parent, I have to watch how my communication is influenced even in my demeanor and perceptions. If you don’t change how you feel towards a persons communication towards you, then you will invite the domino effect of another’s persons attitude or bias perspective into my life. I am more aware of how I communicate my body language to the people I am around despite the way I felt as a little girl growing up.

This I believe – Feb22 2012

How has the community service emphasis at Queens University of Charlotte complemented your education in the classroom?

Community Service is a part of my life like my children are a part of me. I believe that my years of volunteering CMS and CMPD, giving back to the community influenced my children at home as well as the young adults in college. I am a parent who shares her knowledge and ability to ensure that now matter what your status is in life, culture or background, you can always give a little bit of your time and energy outside of the classroom towards helping someone else. In the classroom I have had peers come up to me before and ask me how do I do it, but in all do respect for what I love and have compassion for, you can always make connections to the real world by reaching beyond the walls of Queens. Some of these young adults I have met over the years admire the stories of what I can share about the community being a Charlotte native and the changes I’ve grown to see. Many I have liked and many changes I have disliked because our community is still apart of the Southern states where a lot of prejudice’s still exist, but when you’re in the community, homeless people, hungry children, or teens with no guidance,  have no color, but they all have a name. Discussing what this community has become and from where it has came, allows me to make a decision to educate myself more about the heart of giving back to a community in need of much help. As an result, you meet kids and their families from all backgrounds, and now they become one with yours.



How has the study of Communication made you more socially aware? How might you become more civically engaged in the future?

Communication is like the brain to everything we do. We communicate every day that we wake up. A yawn may mean we are sleepy. A sly look of the eye when a person coughs mean that we are saying to the other person that what you have, I don’t want it so please back off. The look you give when you see a tall person in a short that appears as a communication from the person wearing the dress to the person looking at the person in the dress. Its no way around communication even when you blow the horn at a car not moving fast enough at a green light. Its almost like you become aware of every single thing that you do from talking to a person, to watching TV, to even how you dress on different occasions and the reactions you get from people. I believe that I am already civically engaged but not enough. Now I want to offer my services to political and non-political parties that need assistance wherever I can be of value. I want to make my community a bridge over poverty by helping our recreation centers and schools combine our skills, knowledge and being motivated in promoting a better tomorrow for our future today. There are many organizations that need ideas that engage our youth. Even though the pictures look simple, there is a lot of meanings within them and the statement alone is powerful.

journal 7- illustration of my culture.


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