Re: Culture Pathway for Future Students



To:        President Davies

From:   Nina McReed 

CC:       Student Council President

Date:    6/26/2012

Re:       Culture Pathway for Future Students

To fully engage Hispanic audiences in the learning process, particular attention should be given to gaining and maintaining trust. Greater acceptance of educational efforts will occur by learners if Hispanic community leaders are involved in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of these educational efforts. Be aware that the physical distance between Hispanics when holding a conversation is much closer than in other cultures. Exhibiting respect for learners is another important aspect of the Hispanic culture. Teachers need to pay individual attention to learners (e.g., greeting each learner, handing papers to each individual rather than passing them down the row, being sensitive to different cultures among Hispanics, writing educational materials at appropriate reading levels). Differences in educational levels, language skills, income levels, and cultural values among Hispanics need to be considered by Extension educators when planning educational programs. Even though Hispanics share the same language, their cultures may vary considerably.

After studies and research, Queens can attract culturally diverse students by having a better understanding of the culture background. Some ways to help bridge them into the Queens family would be by going out in the Hispanic community with the present or past students, showing the success they have accomplished at a university giving attention to the growing culture here in Charlotte.

Another way to improve communications is within the Queens website. The website has international connections because we have students that study abroad, report on what they have successfully done, but unless we expose our connections we have to the outside world, most future or prospective students will only think we have classes with semi educators that would understand them. They may only feel that the educators can’t give them what they need to succeed at a one city based university.

If Queens wants to be prominent and prestigious in its different fields of education, with a large cultural group to represent them, then we can’t assume that word of mouth or just local networking will work effectively as needed for the culture trends, etiquettes growing in our city.  We needs to invest in local TV commercials if possible in the Spanish culture states where heavy immigration is sprouting so they visual see what Queens is about to every culture, not just the American culture.

In conclusion, We need to be visual and not assume that we’ve done enough. Queens in Charlotte has the name that represents a royal standard. Let’s make it internationally global with the success stories and successful students throughout the country.


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